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Fiber optic cables and pipes

At 6X International we have a large selection for you who are looking for optical fiber cables and pipes. We carry a large number of products from some of the world’s leading suppliers of fiber optics. We have among the following products in our range of fiber cables and pipes:

  • Cables – microcables, loosetubecables, indoor cables
  • Blowing
  • Tubes- fittings, connectors, reparationsmuffer, afgreningsmuffer
  • Piping connectors
  • Cabinet

You can see part of our range in our catalog and use it for inspiration. In the catalog you will also find specifications on different cables and pipe systems. We supply all types of cables, so contact us when you have special requests – we also manage special deliveries.


Call us, if you have any questions
+45 4570 7077

Considerations when choosing pipes and cables

Before making a decision regarding cables and tubes, a number of issues must be considered:

  • Blowing, flooding or pulling
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Connetions in or above ground
  • Water tight couplings
  • Distance to be covered
  • Userfriendly stallation practise
  • Systems to apply
  • Long term warranty
  • After sales service
  • DIN standards/Europear standards

We are of course always available with advice and guidance in relation to the choice of cables and piping.

High quality and long life

At 6X International we put great emphasis on the price/quality and we always strive to ensure our customers the best possible solutions to meet their needs and requirements. Our collaboration with world leading manufacturers which guarantees rigorius product testing, alignment with all regulations and long term durability. All our tube suppliers use only fresh raw material, no recyling materials are used.

Training and support

6X International provides training for installation and usage and we are always on call to supply advice and recommandations in case of emergencies or when needed.

Delivery and stock agreements

Larger volumes of cables and tubes are often delivered directly from manufacture to customers. We can offer logistic solutions – please contact us for further information +45 4570 7077 or