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Coax, radiating cables and connectors

We carry a large and varied range of coaxial and radiating cables for DAS, WIFI / 3G / LTE, RADAR, RF / HF.
We have the following products in our range:

  • Coaxial cables ½” – 9”
  • Coax connectors
  • Radiating cables ½” – 1 5/8”, RE60
  • Radiaflex connectors
  • Eliptical Waveguides and connectors
  • Hybride cables for RRU
  • Antennas indoor / outdoor
  • Tools for coaxial / radiating /  eliptical cables

Day to day delivery

6X International stocks a large selection of various types of cable, connectors, jumpers and accessories for day to day delivery.

You can see our entire range of cables and connectors in our catalog. In the catalog you will also find specifications on the products as well as more detailed information on applications.

Cables and connectors from Radio Frequency Systems

In connection with any installation, good craftsmanship and the best products are essential for a good working project. With their many years of experience, Radio Frequency Systems has ensured that our customers get the best products at the right price. Therefore, our coaxial cables and radiating connectors as well as other products in this category are from Radio Frequency Systems.

At 6X International and Radio Frequency Systems, we are always ready to spar with you about your tasks. Contact us at +45 4570 7077 or at if you have questions about coaxial and radiating cables and connectors.

High quality at reasonable price

At 6X International, we attach great importance to quality and price are related. We cooperate with the leading suppliers of compatible equipment. We offer education on the correct use of our products, and we are always ready with quick assistance if any
Expectations should arise problems.

Contact us and let us have a talk about your needs and how we can help.